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The Reality Method is a visual representation of how life works and was developed and created by Johann van den Heever.

There are three Areas in this shape which I call “The Reality Method” and its core use can be described as follows:

  1. Random Influences (Chaos Theory) with bad at the bottom and good at the top of the first triangle.
  2. Traits (Capacity) that provides for a natural affinity towards unique personal interests where experience is dependent on continuous interest.
  3. The accumulated effort and associated level of involvement in the first two areas will have an average result (Which I call … “The Average of it All”) seen as a value in the marketplace. “Marketplace” is either personal or social in nature, depending on the topic.

Every Topic/Subject one can think of should have a relevant and realistic visual representation or “Reality Method” attached to it. (Keep in mind that Reality is the correct version of itself and that every individual, team, business or country has an perceived “world view” of it.) It is this perception that Reality Method hopes to clarify for its user.

Why share this?

The mission is to share this simple design idea with anyone interested in understanding what his/her life is truly capable of and the simple adjustments it would take to achieve anything they are truly interested in.

I often say, “Anything is possible!” … through Reality Method, I believe history has proved it.

Those that contributed to history has done so in spite of their challenges. (Sadly, Reality Method applies to both good and bad. Fortunately, good tends to prevail.)

How did Reality Method start?

I asked myself a random and seemingly open ended question through sheer desperation and without ever expecting a simple shape to make such an impact in my life. That question was … How does the world work?

It really gained momentum after creating a solution for Food Security called Heever Hydroponics. I learned that even though the system was automated and the effort, power and water required minimal, with optimal plant volume and variety, people simply did not sustain the system by replanting new seedlings/seeds.

Not understanding why so many recipients lost initial interest, I gradually developed the idea of how every topic/subject was naturally distributed via “interest” throughout the worlds population. This distribution went hand in hand with the value the marketplace were prepared to allocate for that level of interest.

For the hydroponic industry, as a Food Security solution I concluded that, even though people may be hungry, their method of solving that need would be more in line with their core interests or culture, rather than potential opportunities. If their interest was the growing of food, or perhaps the supply of produce, their interest in proper upkeep may very well have influenced their continued crop success. The system or method therefore does not hold the key, the pairing between interest and system does. So it is with example diets. Sure, there are bad products/services, but in general, success is depended on the participants use of its potential.

I noticed that this idea, which I called the “Distribution of Interest” formed the core part of the Reality Method diagram/picture/illustration.

Gradually I realized that a marketplace or value component was naturally linked to this shape but that another was missing. A third element was added to visually explain how the worlds random activities (All things considered.) influence the choices individuals/groups/teams/businesses/a corporate and even countries made or will tend to make.

Together these three areas created Reality Method’s shape. After numerous testing, the model proved so viable that I eventually thought of taking it to as many people as possible and for once, the timing (Also in the shape as Past/Present & Future) is critically important.

Technology will change the world as we know it today within the next ten to fifteen years with the suggestion that up to 50% of current jobs being either gone or significantly adapted by the year 2050. Never, in the history of humanity has opportunity knocked at the door of every individual as it is doing right now.

Just a thought for your consideration: We have always competed mana a mano, but in the modern era of AI we are, communicating at best or competing at worst, with technology. If we continue to compete with our individual opinions rather than our combined capacity for value, we will lose, through ego, our humanity. AI learns from the best as well as the worsts of us.)

I believe that we will either entertain through creation or be entertained through choice in the near future. To put in no uncertain terms. Open the door of your capacity as a human being or be content with watching TV.

The question is … What do you want and one or the other of those two options will give you a high probability of getting it.

To those that are doing well currently, I would like to say that you have access to an unimaginable capacity to generate even more value, and I hope that it includes helping others in a positive way.

For those in desperate circumstances I would like to suggest that hope is not the key, but rather capacity. Capacity to endure what needs to be endured and to do what must be done. For those that persist, reality provides the same distribution as those in better circumstances. Its hard in the beginning for a reason. Competition and nature, favors those that never gives up.

This is my baby, this is my passion, and I believe that it can make a massive difference in the world. We learn to roughly predict the uptake of anything, including the Reality Method via the interest triangle, and can therefore suggest the following…

“Reality Method wont be used by everyone, but can be used by anyone.” For those that use it and make it their own, be prepared to contribute and receive in abundance similar to those we call, “successful”.

Success: It is not the “Secret”, it is a habit.

“You are what you’ve done, so do what you should.” Johann

And, whilst you’re doing, do not forget to … enjoy the journey!

PS: As Reality Method’s shape or its use are new ways for looking at personal, business or social development, they are not axioms. So I would have to start by suggesting that you test it for yourself before you consider discarding its practical potential.
“An axiom or postulate is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning
and arguments.” Wikipedia



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