Professionals & Influencers

Are you a niche Professional or Coach?

Using Reality Method is essentially through the population of content into “Your personal Reality Method” to reach a goal or suggested reality on any topic or subject. Reality Method is therefore the perfect foundation to create/suggest one’s future.

Part of the program is to populate 4 areas that creates the fastest possible way to reach that goal/suggested reality and coaches or experts on specific topics are #3.

It is not possible for myself (neither is it always the goal) to provide relevant and best step by step content for some of these topics/subjects. For this part of my clients process/progress I am constantly looking to experts in the field for additional assistance.


In most cases, I look for referred experts or those whom I have learned from myself, but the volume of topics are so vast that prior communication from your side is often required as that first introduction to a new topic/subject. I would love to look at what you do and start the relationship process ahead of time.

If you are an Expert or Coach, please make contact with me to introduce your expertise and for us to see if we can work together to assist our clients.

I am specifically looking for unique experts in the following overview areas:

  • Health (Example – Stomach Fat Loss)
  • Emotional (Example – Response techniques)
  • Financial (Example – Ways to budget your month or perhaps great mobile apps for specific countries)
  • Lifestyle (Example Current fascination styles or best holiday destinations)

Please start the “Message” section with the word “Coach:”

Also, If you are available for a Q&A, let me know.


PS: In my Reality Diary I have the cover individualized by printing the client’s name on it as well as his/her initials on the side. I also offer it to experts’s clients where I add two to three additional pages with your content in it. 

If this is something you think your clients can benefit from, add that in the comment section as well.


Kind Regards