Private Coaching

Reality Method was built around the realistic and visual approach to understanding how your individual reality works and then to use experiences to start and expand your value in any given topic or subject. Either as an single endeavor or as a linked/stacked approach.

It therefore makes sense for me to use Reality Method as the main tool in offering individual or private coaching assistance to:

  • Individuals:
  • Small Businesses:
  • Corporations:
  • Hard to imagine, but even Countries:

I had to limit my availability for this and communication is mainly via online tools such as Skype and screen sharing, but as progress is one of my biggest joys, I will do what I can to assist. Please contact me through the following form and I will get in touch as soon as possible.


In the comment section.

  • Please share a little about yourself, what it is that you are looking to develop/create/have or achieve and why it is important that you must grow in this/these area/s.
  • If you are representing a Business, Corporate or Country, please identify the specific goal.

I will use this information as background for our first meet.


To your success.


Kind Regards