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The Reality Method is a visual representation of how life works and was developed and created by Johann van den Heever. (JohannHeever.com)

Reality Method: What can I/we do with it? My mission is to share this simple idea with anyone interested in understanding what his/her life is truly capable of and what it would take to achieve anything they are truly interested in. I often say, “Anything is possible!” … and I mean it.


“How life works?” How did you get to that?

I asked myself this random and seemingly open ended question without ever expecting a shape to make such an impact in my life.

It really gained momentum after creating a solution for Food Security called Heever Hydroponics, I learned that even though the system was automated and the effort required minimal, people simply did not sustain the system by replanting new seedlings and adding nutrients.

Not understanding why so many recipients were simply not interested I gradually developed the idea of how every topic/subject was distributed via interest throughout the worlds population. This distribution went hand in hand with the value the marketplace were prepared to allocate for that level of interest.

For the hydroponic industry as a Food Security solution I concluded that, even though people may be hungry, their method of solving that need would be more in line with their interests or culture than potential opportunities. If their interest was the growing of food, or perhaps produce supply, they may very well be interested.

I noticed that this idea, which I called the “Distribution of Interest”, formed the core part of the Reality Method diagram/picture/illustration.

Gradually I realized that a marketplace or value component was naturally linked to this shape but that another was missing. A third element was added to visually explain how the worlds random activities (All things considered.) influence the choices people/groups make or will tend to make.

Together these three areas created Reality Method. After numerous testing, the model proved so viable that I eventually thought of taking it to as many people as possible.

To those that are doing well I would like to say that you have access to an unimaginable capacity to generate even more value, and I hope that it includes helping others in a positive way.

For those in desperate circumstances I would like to suggest that hope is not the key, but rather capacity. Capacity to endure what needs to be endured and to do what must be done. For those that persist, life provides the same distribution as those in better circumstances.

This is my baby, this is my passion, and I believe that it can make a massive difference in the world. We learn to roughly predict the uptake of anything, including the Reality Method via the interest triangle, and can therefore suggest the following…

“Reality Method wont be used by everyone, but can be used by anyone.”


For those who enter, notice the change!