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How does the world work?

A few years ago I asked my self this ridiculous question through sheer frustration of why my life did not work out the way I thought it would.

Then I found it!

A three part image that explains the Reality of Results. 




The three Areas of life are ...

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

There are 3 influences that happens to you randomly. If you have a life strategy, they it shows which holds you back or which pushes you forward. If you do not control your life, you get what they give you.

There is a fourth coming which few people fully grasp the impact of. Are you ready?

Have you ever heard or wondered why so many have so little and so few has so much?

That clue is evident in this part of your life. It shows how reality has to distribute success to all people and the one trick that forces it to allocate more to you.

We cannot predict our future, mainly because of the influences in Part 1. 

We can however suggest what our future will be like rather accurately, irrespective of Part 1.

It is this area of life that suggests a path to health, wealth and happiness for anyone.